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Shahanshah Salukis
Salukis exclusively since 1975
    Amrika Shahanshah Sinai; Amrika Shahanshah Sahara
              Ch. Midbar Shenhav B'Shemesh x Ch. Amrika's Shenandoah
                                              b. November 3, 2009
    In the fall of 2009 Cheryl Myatt (Amrika Salukis) contacted me about a new litter she had. The puppies were out of Sheyna, Cheryl's mahogany parti (Ch. Amrika's Shenandoah) by her Ch. Midbar Shenhav B'Shemesh, an impressive golden dog bred by Gail Goodman, Midbar. Sheyna is a daughter of Cheryl's lovely red-golden foundation bitch, Ch. Andi Raj Talai. I previously had a sister to Shenandoah from Cheryl: Amrika Lulu Al Shahanshah, a lovely cream bitch I cherished until she was killed in an awful accident in 2005. I jumped at Cheryl's generous offer of not one but two puppies to replace Lulu. 
    Driving with Sherran Pak, who also had reserved a puppy, we trekked across the West to Tacoma, Washington in late December and early January to bring home our puppies, record snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures "dogging" us all the way home! It was an epic journey, but I was richly rewarded: Sinai and Sahara's pedigree combines the hunting prowess of their father Ch. Midbar Shenhav B[Shemesh's line, Gail Goodman's Midbar salukis, with a tie-back to Canem-Dei through Shenandoah's side of the pedigree. I am very pleased and fortunate to have the chance to incorporate the Midbar salukis, direct descendants of Tarabin tribe bedouin hounds imported by Dr. Goodman from Israel in the 1980s, which have shown their ability to hunt in the deserts of New Mexico, with my preservation of Canem-Dei's precious qualities. The future is indeed exciting!

PUPPIES! We finally arrive at Cheryl's.
Snow in the Cascades on the way home.
Safe at home!
We drove through magnificent landscapes on the trip West to bring home our puppies in late December 2009-early January, 2010!
Buttes just east of the Utah border,along Interstate 80
Wasatch Range, Ogden, Utah
Dusk near Boise, Idaho
Blue Mountains, Oregon
Frosty pass east of Pendleton, OR
Columbia River, nearing Portland
Growing up...Sinai (above & right) and Sahara (below), about six months old. 

Amrika Shahanshah Sinai, Best in Sweepstakes, Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialty, 07/08/11, Frances Zeller, judge. Gaiting in the American Bred Dog Class, SCOA National, June 2011.
Cheryl gets Sinai (r) and brother Tanami into their travel harnesses for the road home.