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Our Foundation is Mimi Carlyle's famed Canem-Dei Salukis. As a teenager I had developed an interest in the Middle East after seeing the film, Lawrence of Arabia (be careful what movies you watch--you never know how they might affect your life!). Already interested in history and a lover of animals, especially dogs and horses, since childhood, I discovered the saluki from a dog encyclopedia and had to see them in the flesh. Which I did in 1974, at the Saluki Club of Canada's National Specialty in Toronto. I was spell-bound! What I chiefly remember about the impression they made in that first instance was their movement--light, springy, and those wonderful tassled, bobbing tails!

     After more research in dog magazines and writing to the Parent Club, I saw a photo of Mimi Carlyle with one of her salukis. I can't remember the dog, but I remember the look! Srinagar Kennels was the predominant kennel at the time, and most salukis I saw at nearby shows back in those Nebraska days were Srinagar (although one person from Omaha was showing a pretty red parti bitch of Brenlair breeding). I contacted Mimi, and arranged to meet her at the Grand Island Kennel Club show, Grand Island, Nebraska, where she was next entered. Mimi was too late to the ring  to show that day, and I almost missed the chance to see her--but she had Ch. Canem-Dei's El  Salta'Aun and Canem-Dei's Tarfa Taj in tow. What beauty! Mimi told me of plans for a fall litter, and I settled down to wait, in great excitement and expectation. I had found my first saluki puppy!
Cancer's Hound Group win at Westminster, February 1977. He was the second saluki since Marjan II in the 1940s to win the Hound Group at the Garden.
A double-page ad Mimi ran in the early summer issue of The Gazehound magazine, 1975. The sub-heading on the right-hand page below reads: "From America's GREATEST family line of salukis/good enough to WIN owner-handled/(4 owner-handled BIS salukis to our credit!"
The dam of my future first puppy, a Cancer daughter, is the cream and white parti bitch pictured here, top right. Mimi once wrote of Ch. Canem-Dei's Rahma, "'Plain Jane' isn't pretty, but has the best shoulder and neck-set at Canem-Dei.'"
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Shahanshah Salukis
Salukis exclusively since 1975
    The following are some of the salukis Mimi bred over the years. They are in chronological order as far as I can make them. Where possible, I include some notation. These salukis form the basis of many "family" saluki kennels today, in addition to Shahanshah: Cimmarron, The Aerie, Khaliq, Ramij, Naibara, Marrakech, Carnis, Aeolis, Amala predominantly.
"Lasco II." in the Summer, 1979, Saluki Quarterly (p 52) Mimi states that Lasco II was the son of Can. Ch. El Nuri Hilal and Bedriya El Shiraz (sister to her Lasco I). Lasco and Kudra were thus brothers. This was Mimi's first litter, born September 1, 1965.
Dam of multi-BIS and BISS winner, Am./Can.Ch. Canem-Dei's El Salta 'Aun, FCh. and Ch. Canem-Dei's Kitan Tiy Taj, the world's first BIS saluki bitch (below, left). Bibi and her BIS sister Ch. Poosha's Sogoli (Choquette) continued the Lady Yeled line (Pine Paddocks).
"Titi" or Tiny Taj,  daughter of Taj by Ch. Warm Valley's Tiyson (Choquette), BOW at the 1976 ASA supoorted specialty, Santa Barbara under Helen Baker, Knightellington Salukis. She was a litter sister to  Ch.Ch. Kirman Kaja Az Al Taj (below), sire of Ch. Canem-Dei's Ajriya Shahil Mahis (Kadel/Generation 1).
Ch. Canem- Dei's Rahma, dam of Ch. Canem-Dei's Rodha (Kadel/Generation1), and Rahma's litter sister Ch. Canem-Dei's Rashka (below). Rashka won BISS at the 1973 SCOA National Specialty from the classes under breeder-judge Harry Rymer and became an important foundation bitch for Don and Marie Adams, The Aerie.
Dam of Bibi and Ch. Poosha's Sogoli.
Ch. Canem-Dei's Karaja Az Al Taj
Cancer, magnificent at nine years old.
Canem-Dei's Modesty Blaze, by Ch. Faiz El Salih Ibn Sharif (Choquette) out of Canem-Dei's Araba Akbar Sahra.
Ch. Canem-Dei's Zunali Zeilah, daughter of Canem-Dei's Modesty Blaze by Ch. Canem-Dei's El Salta 'Aun. Zeilah is the dam of Ch. Canem-Dei's Ajriya Shahil Mahis by Ch. Canem-Dei's Kirman Kaja Az Al taj (Kadel/Generation1).