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              Our Ch. Farar's Kalil x Cimmarron Tamazur Tara: 5 boys, 3 girls in tricolor, black and tan, red sable, and fawn.
        Ch.  Farar's Kalil, "Ashley"

        Ch. El Baz Hakim, SM
Ch. Shahanshah Brilliant Disguise
Cimmarron Tamazur Tara, "Tami"

           Cimmarron Farar Kirghiz
            Khali Farouk of Naftali
   This breeding doubles on the Shahanshah "Song" litter, 1995, which contained three National Select Award of Merit winners: Ch. Shahanshah Invisible Touch, "Zahrah," owned by Amy Charles, Amala Salukis; Ch. Shahanshah Somethin' T'Talkabout, "Rumor," owned by Kevin and Dawn Carlson, Aeolis Salukis, and Ch. Shahanshah Touched by the Sun, "Carly" owned by Dennis Schmidt and Michael Bell, Carnis Salukis. Two of these, Zahrah and Carly, were repeat National AOM winners. To my knowledge, no other saluki litter in American breed history boasts five National AOM honors. Additionally, Rumor won the 2001 SCOA Eastern Regional Specialty and was a group winner/placer. Tammi, a daughter of the stunning black and tan smooth dog, Cimmarron Farar Kirghiz, himself a son of Ch. S. Brilliant Disguise, was bred and is owned by Sara Drake, Cimmarron Salukis.

     The black and tan Saluki puppies closely resemble their lovely and bouyant great and g-great grandmother, Cimmarron Paharia Royale, one of the great hopes for the litter. The tri babies bear a close resemblance to Ashley, and we are waiting to see if the red sable boy mirrors his great granduncle Ch. S. Hey Jack Kerouac, and the fawn sable the sweet, petite Tammi!

     Both parents are wonderfully sound and possess the quiet, good-natured temperaments common in this family line of salukis. 
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Shahanshah Salukis
Salukis exclusively since 1975
Shahanshah Cimmarron Mira Rania, our pick bitch puppy.
Shahanshah Cimmarron Nair Al Saif, "Bright One of the Sword," our pick male pup.
Nair & Rania at Three and a Half Months
Nair....at 18 months, growing up! 
This outline exemplifies what I consider a truly "CLASSIC" saluki outline and type...not the only one, but certainly classic! His depth of body, strong back, amazingly powerful, correctly MODERATE rear, sloping shoulders, strong feet, and old-style, strong and deep ABDUL FAROUK head type and GAZE harken back through his Pine Paddocks and Canem-Dei lineage. 
Gail Goodman, Midbar Salukis, comments on our June 7, 2015 litter with MALACHI and Ch. SHAHANSHAH CIMMARRON MIRA RANIA:

"This should be such a special litter. Of course, ALL Saluki litters are special because ours is a special breed. That said, this litter will carry forward pedigree threads that are unique and sadly very very rare. First of all, there is NO Jen Araby or Srinagar in the pedigree. That alone makes it an outcross for probably 90% of the Salukis in western countries. The Saudi threads behind Malachi, one thread is the Bani Dawsari line which I know well personally and know it is a true Saudi Bedouin descent family group, carefully bred by Elizabeth Dawsari and her Arabian horse owning colleagues. It is carefully line bred. The other Saudi thread via El Baz came into the USA BEFORE the peninsula was overrun with western imports of all breeds. They certainly were "close to the tents." Midbar Or M'Bustan ha Galil, sire of Malachi, also has a desert thread in addition to English and early American. And the Shashanshah is equally as carefully bred. So....for a unique pedigree, lovely sweet nature, good athletic potential.....this is the plan."

Dam: Ch. Shahanshah Cimmarron Mira Rania (Ch. Farar's Kalil x Cimmarron Tamazur Tara). Litter sister of GCH Shahanshah Cimmarron Nair Al Saif, winner of the American Bred Bitches class at the 2012 SCOA National. Her biggest win en route to her championship was a 5 point BOW major at Valencia Valley KC, New Mexico, October 12, 2014.
Sire: MALACHI (Midbar Or M'Bustan ha Galil x El Baz  Leila) bred by Charlotte Wrather, Los Alamos, CA, owned and loved by Steve and Christina Downs, Frazier Park, CA. Malachi is a litter brother of EZEKIEL, CC, CM, winner of the 2013 Grand Course.
Little Nair.
2010 Litter, bred by Sara M Drake
    I do not breed litters often--3 Shahanshah litters bred since 1977 that have resulted in  MULTIPLE National AOMs, group-placers, and outstanding individuals (such as Ch. Shahanshah Radan of Zarif, sire of Ch. Zarif Laun Kishta, Canadian Saluki Club National Specialty BOB winner, bred and owned by Owen and Arnita Prussing, Zarif Salukis)--a co-bred litter in 2002, and a litter sired by my Ch. Farar's Kalil in 2010. When I do breed, there is a very good reason for it. I do not breed for "show dogs" but only when I see a way to further the HERITAGE of this tremendous breed and my line in that long history. That means staying true to what the "founders" of our breed looked and acted like when they first came to the West.
   I cannot improve on Dr. Goodman's rationale for this litter (below). My original plan was to breed to brother Zeke, but Fate intervened to prevent that and Malachi is the Proud Papa!
   These carefully bred lines, unique in so many ways, will produce UNQUALIFIED excellence. Puppies will go to homes where their heritage will be cherished and protected.

  The pedigree can be viewed at The Saluki Archives: Click here

Shahanshah announces a very special litter, born June 7, 2015!

Malachi, sire of the puppies
Rania, dam of the puppies
Osef & Dvash, owned by Gail Goodman
Anna (Hosanna)
Aunts and uncles of the puppies--Malachi's littermates Anna, Lily, Osef, Dvash, and Ezekiel.
Anna, Lily, and Zeke are owned by Charlotte Wrather, breeder of this remarkable litter.
Ezekiel,CC, CM, winner of the 2013 Grand Course
Photo Gail Goodman
Photos of Anna, Lily, and Ezekiel by Charlotte Wrather
Almost 4 weeks old, July 3, 2015.

We look forward to not ONE but TWO exceptional litters for fall, 2017!
Ch. Amrika Shahanshah Sinai x Ch. Shahanshah Cimmarron Mira Rania, and 
GCH. Shahansha Cimmarron Nair Al Saif x Shahanshah Typhoon!

Ch. Amrika Shahanshah Sinai
Ch. Midbar Shenhav B'Shemesh x Ch. Amrika Shenandoah, bred by Cheryl Myatt, Amrika Salukis.
Ch. Shahanshah Cimmarron Mira Rania
Ch. Farar's Kalil x Cimmarron Tamazur Tara, bred by Sara Drake, Cimmarron Salukis.
Rania and Sinai combine one of the oldest lines of American salukis with the outcross established to the Midbar Salukis' incredibly important inclusion of Israeli Sinai/Bedouin hounds.
We anticipate that this very valuable breeding will produce beautiful, functionally correct, soundly tempered salukis that will be a joy to live with and look upon!
This litter will be bred this week for a litter that would appear at or near Thanksgiving Day, 2017!

And we have pushed ahead with plans to breed GCH. Shahanshah Cimmarron Nair Al Saif, "Nair," to his stunning niece, Shahanshah Typhoon!
This breeding has taken place and we will know shortly if Typhoon is in whelp. If she is, the babies would be here two to three weeks ahead of Rania's litter.
Almost *never* do I breed a saluki litter more often than once every five to seven years. But these breedings are so crucially important, with both sires now seven years old, I consider them "lodestone" litters and rejoice in the possibility of an "embarrassment of riches."

Both litters preserve what can no longer be found in most saluki pedigrees, and push forward some of the oldest lines in American salukidom.

I invite inquiries from those who seek the classic saluki, who in addition to all the usual provisos for saluki ownership can appreciate their pedigrees, heritage, and unique beauty.  

GCH. Shahanshah Cimmarron Nair Al Saif
   Shahanshah Typhoon

Ood and Mirage
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DO NOT EMAIL about puppies or litters or reservations unless you have a fenced backyard! This is the first requirement for a Shahanshah saluki puppy, or to even be put on a wait list. "Dog parks" or jogging with a saluki on leash are not substitutes. Dog parks are dangerously unpredictable and put the saluki (or any dog) in a bad mental situation, if nothing else. Salukis are not trotter/joggers (like many breeds) they are *gallopers.* If you cannot provide the proper environment for a saluki, please consider another breed!

Mirage with Wolfie (male tri).
A breeding with Mirage and Ood has been done for an April 2021 litter!
The puppies will excel as show, coursing, and lovely, biddable pets.
Inquiries invited!
(Saluki Archives pedigree for the litter up soon.)